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Back Pain

By matt | In Uncategorized | on January 12, 2015

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Back Pain, Cost to the Nation – There are substantial direct and indirect financial cost of back pain in all developed countries in 1998 the health care costs due to back pain were £1.632 million of which £565 million was the cost of non NHS health care costs. These large non- NHS costs are mainly attributable to the use of private therapists, although interestingly such a large private sector involvement in the care of back pain is unusual within the UK health care system.

Conventionally back pain according to its duration as acute – less than 6 week – sub-acute (6-12) weeks
and chronic (greater than 12 weeks) since many people affected by back pain find that their symptoms vary, it may not always be appropriate to use such a rigid classification system .

Exercise Training with back pain . Once you have the all clear from your physio or chiropractor to start an exercise plan as part of your rehabilitation you should always thoroughly warm up the body and incorporate good and safe core training exercises into your regime You should also work the lower back and upper back together cool down and stretch out the back after your session to relax the muscles of the back you should take hot showers or soak in the bath or jacuzzi this all helps in recovery .
Always remember the principals of lifting bent knees and a straight back keep the weight or object close to the body when lifting. When sitting make sure your back is straight and supported and if working on a PC work station that your sitting parallel to the screen with keyboards below level with the Sternum (Breast Bone).

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