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Exercise in Old Age

By matt | In News | on January 26, 2015

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Exercise in old age is an important factor for maintaining a healthy balance of mind and physicality .
By participating in exercise 2-4 hours per week it will increase concentration levels helps with sleeping patterns increases endorphin levels releasing the good feel factor.

Other benefits of exercise in older aged people by working with resistance it increases bone density thickness stopping and protecting against the onset of osteoporosis. The blood circulation increases through exercise helping with circulation throughout the whole body keeping the joints lubricated helping to strengthen joints and ligaments in general when pushing or pulling a resistance working through the full range of movement.

Other benefits of cardiovascular exercise in older age are a stronger heart output controlled blood pressure levels increased VO2 Max overall weight reduction of the body as in older age the metabolic rate decreases.

Type of activities recommended are swimming,walking,cycling, Dancing,Gym,Fitness based classes with low impact on joints.

It is always good to keep active in early life but it is never to late to start some type of exercise regime if you are new to exercise consult your local GP or Leisure Centre and speak to someone who co-ordinates the class timetable to get the best advice on what classes are on offer

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