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Core Training

By matt | In Gym, News | on February 9, 2015

Indoor Training

Core Training .

The Core plays a key role in everyday biologic functions it creates internal pressure within the abdominal cavity holding the internal organs in place helping with the expulsion of air from the lungs and bodily waste. The core muscles in particular the transverse abdominis and pelvic floor are also active during child birth . Modern lifestyles are highly sedentary meaning certain core muscles may become inactive if you do not exercise your core muscles regularly you will lose the ability to engage them instinctively while performing everyday movements such as bending and lifting .
When this happens other muscles may take over from them which can lead to to muscular imbalances where one muscle is stronger than its opposing muscle and possibly injury in the long term can occur a common example of this is poor posture which can cause imbalance in your hip and buttock muscle resulting in lower back pain. Core training helps to improve strength stability and mobility reducing the likelihood of such imbalances developing .

Function of the Core
Stabilizing the thoracic cage and pelvis during movement
Providing internal pressure for biologic functions
Maintaining the strength, stability and mobility of the spine
Providing an axis of power for the kinetic chain

Benefits of Core Training
Improve Posture
Increased protection and bracing of your back
Greater balance and co-ordination
Greater power and speed

Excellent isometric exercise engages your core and many major muscle groups of the upper and lower body. Good form is key – ensure you maintain a straight line through your body from shoulder to ankles.
Targeted muscles – Rectus Abdominis – Transverse Abdominis – Pelvic Floor – Erector Spinae – Multifidus- Quadratus Lumboroum – Gluteus Minimus/Medius – Gluteus Maximus .

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