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Creatine increase Muscle Mass

By matt | In Gym, News | on February 10, 2016

Scientific data researchers from Italy have published reports on the mechanisms by which Creatine increases muscle mass and accelerates cell regeneration,which is  especially important in aging societies. It is already known that Creatine improves muscle growth directly by increasing IGF-1 levels and stimulating the activity of satellite cells. We know for sure that  in turn ,IGF-1 is a growth factor also stimulating the activity of satellite cells as effectively as protein synthesis or hypertrophy .

In fact it was demonstrated to be such a powerful stimulate  that it`s injection directly into skeletal muscles even increases muscle mass. This means that Creatine enhances muscle growth even when athletes are not physically active while exercise only intensifies these effects. Humans studies have shown that Creatine supplementation also increases the activity of IGF-1 MRNA in a double blind trial a biopsy was taken  three times from the leg muscles of men performing resistance training at rest, 3 hours later and 24 hrs after exercising. The men were also taking Creatine or whey protein and carbohydrates drinks for 5 days.

After ingesting  the Creatine the expression of MRNA  for IGF-1 increased in the resting muscle by 30%. The IGF-1 level rose by 24% over 3 hours and then again by about 29% within 24 hours after exercising. This means that this is an effective agent not only for bodybuilding but also for seniors as it is able to prolong their periods of physical efficiency, there by preventing sarcopenia age related muscle  mass atrophy .

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